Logo Design

Be prepared to enter into a world of sweet dreams and bliss. Aetheria is a perfume brand that required a logo and thank you card design. The brand aims to communicate Aetheria's sweet and heavenly scent. Aetheria was created from a creative brief challenge.

Sweet Dreams & Bliss

A sweet and heavenly scent

Aetheria logo on glowy imagery of birds, flowers, and clouds
Aetheria colour scheme; Dark turquoise, baby blue, light beige, off-white, and baby pink
Aetheria logo on a white backgroundAetheria logo on a dark turquoise background


Aetheria, rooted in the celestial connotations of the word "aetherius," aims to transport its audience into a dreamlike realm inspired by ethereal skies. The brand envisions a sensorial journey reminiscent of floating among clouds, surrounded by vibrant flowers and graceful birds. This dreamy atmosphere is not merely a fragrance but an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

Logo Design
The kaleidoscope in the logo serves as a compelling metaphor for the brand experience. A kaleidoscope, with its intricate patterns and shifting colors, symbolizes the ever-changing and enchanting nature of dreams. As the eyepiece of Aetheria, it becomes a portal, inviting consumers to peer into a world where reality blends with fantasy. The intricate patterns within the kaleidoscope not only evoke a sense of mystery but also hint at the diverse and complex layers of the fragrance.

The custom imagery aids as a visual tool to communicate the scent. Flowers, with their delicate beauty, represent the aromatic and sensory aspects of the perfume. Birds soaring among the clouds embody the freedom and lightness of the Aetheria experience. Together, they create a visual narrative that transcends the physical boundaries of a traditional perfume brand, presenting Aetheria as a journey rather than a product.

A decorative pattern made from the Aetheria iconAetheria's box packaging and bottle design side by sideA glowy image of a hummingbird in the cloudsAetheria thank you card front and back